New PC Help

What would be a good PC for someone just getting into PC gaming? I'm not looking for a super computer, just something that will run games like Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty well. Additionally, what's a PC that could run Rust somewhat decently? Looking for a pre-built PC, any advice helps and thank you in advance!

  • There is not one right answer here. Look at the specs and requirements for each game or program you want to use. Find some computers that are in your price range and exceed the minimum and recommended requirements. Try to get the best one with the highest specs you can afford. Invest in quality so you don't have to buy another one every year. Future proofing as a Rule of Thumb. I don't know your personal needs or preferences (price range, laptop/desktop/handheld) so I can't be much more specific. Have you had problems running any of these before?

    This link should help. There's a drop down that lets you choose your games and tells you which ones can handle that many FPS. Good luck

    Also, consider refurbished. Cheaper because it's used, but the company renewed it, so you can afford something better and more powerful.

  • As long as you get a laptop with at least these specs you should be able to play any PC game but not necessarily at the highest graphics:

    i7    or    Ryzen 7

    16GB RAM

    Geforce RTX 3050    or   Radeon RX 7700

    On Bestbuy, with these specs, the lowest price I've seen is about $900

    Check out the Steam page for Assassin's Creed Odyssey, there is a link that tells you exactly what you need to play at 4K or 1080p

    System requirements for Assassin's Creed Odyssey | Ubisoft Help 

  • Are you looking for a laptop or desktop? For the same price, you'll usually get better specs on a desktop and better performance as well.

  • I'd say try and pick out one that can be upgradeable down the road (for example, if going with AMD, get an AM5 motherboard). Just try and meeting the minimum/recommended specs for some of your favorite games from there :)

  • I'd consider holding on until one of the Lenovo sales...there are oftentimes screaming deals to be had on very decent equipment.

  • Legion Tower 5 Gen 8 (AMD) with RTX 3050 and is now on clearance. It will handle those games well and more.

  • If you want a pre-built gaming desktop, then the Lenovo Legion Tower might be a good option. 

  •   Link would help. Can't find it in clearance

  • Legion Tower 5 Gen 8 (AMD) with RTX 3050:

    • Price: $826.49 (after discounts)
    • Specs: This desktop features an AMD processor and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card. It should handle games like Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty quite well.

  • Your already at the right place. Grab a Legion Go which should play Rust fine. Better yet you can check the deals up above and get a gaming desktop any of them will play Rust fine. Just in case though just like the others says look at the games specs and get the recommended specs.