New PC Help

What would be a good PC for someone just getting into PC gaming? I'm not looking for a super computer, just something that will run games like Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty well. Additionally, what's a PC that could run Rust somewhat decently? Looking for a pre-built PC, any advice helps and thank you in advance!

  • If you live near a Micro Center, they have great pre-built PCs and PC parts and the prices are great too. They also do bundles with CPUs, motherboards, and RAM which can save you money too. It depends on the resolution you want to play at and the frames per second you want to achieve, but I would say a pre-built in the $1500 to $2000 range will easily handle any game at 1440p and give you a great gaming experience. If you want to play at 1080p, you can easily get away with something closer to $1000 range and it will play those games no problem.

  • Lenovo does have good deals on pre-builds, and if you happen to be near a costco, it might be worth looking into what they might have. My brother in law got a prebuilt from there that was about 500 under normal pricing for the model and can run anything he throws at it. Other than that I would agree with Agentwookie on specs and get what you can afford. 

  • It depends on game requirements and whether you want to game in 1080p or 4K and as someone already posted you can get better prices on desktops than laptops for the same specs not to mention the mobile versions of GPUs are a little weaker than the desktop counterpart. My Legion i7 9750H RTX 2060 has been able to play any AC and COD game to date in 1080p at med/high settings so any of the newer i7 processors and RTX 3000 or 4000 series should be enough at 1080p. I think the newer RTX cards whether mobile or not start at 8GB of VRAM which is 2GB more than the 2060. Also, it is recommendable to get a pre-built that has upgradeable components if possible. This can be hard to find in laptops except the RAM which is often easily upgraded but not so for VRAM.

  • My suggestions is always build your first PC. Price it out, barebones kits work great from Newegg, Amazon, best buy. It's easier than most people think, and you can upgrade as time goes on rather easily by replacing individual parts. Often times if you shop the deals you can build for a lot cheaper than pre-built PC's. Feel free to ask me directly if you want more info, and I'm sure there's many more people who have built far better PC's than I have. I'm an average gamer, casual primarily playing g RPG's and survival crafting games. But you build for 5-10 year lasting, and when needed, upgrade parts.

  • The Lenovo Legion Tower does the job at an affordable cost!

  • I'd op for a pre-built desktop PC with a 4060 or 4070. There are so many to choose from but Levono makes some good ones, but there's also CLX, PowerGPU and iBuyPower that are pretty good as well.

  • Any of the recent gen CPUs but maybe upgrade those 3050s people are talking about with a 3070 or 3080.

  • What is your budget?

  • Ok so this is tricky like everyone says. Check best buy daily. They put out deals of the day (often lenovos) that other places cant compete with. Gaming pcs show up once every 2 -3 weeks. These deals far beat new egg or other places. Also check lenovo's actual website. They put on great deals too. Get atleast a 3060. They are cheap now and ive seen them for less than 800. Patience is key if you want the deal

  • Very helpful, and sound advice.