Retro Gaming Resources?

So, I'm curious if there are any resources for finding retro / abandonware games through Legion's website or Legion Arena? I must admit I've wandered around here, starstruck and distracted, for so long, I've become a bit dislocated. Eep! 

  • Google is your friend

  • Not sure about Legion. But there's plenty of resources online. There are plenty of websites dedicated to ROMs and a few games on Epic/Steam that are collections of old games. If you need help with any specific games you can probably find a Youtube tutorial for it.

  • I went to yard sales & thrift stores to find retro games. Found whole systems & top games for a song. Got quite a collection now - even NIB consoles. 

  • You can find just about anything in thrift stores.  One person's junk is another's treasure.

  • What sort of resources are you looking for? I am sure that someone on here has excellent info!

  • Emulation reddits tend to be very helpful. Lots of guides and groups.

  • Google and have everything you could want or need. I suggest finding No-Intro or Redump sets and picking what you want from them. Enjoy!

  • GOG gets a lot of retro PC games, you can find a lot of them going back to the 90's. A lot of them come with a folder in the install directly that contains patches or fan patches to make the games run on modern PCs too.

  • I'd suggest you check reddit or facebook posts, most of the posts dont get deleted