How many alts is too many alts?

When you play a game, how many alts is too many alts? Seems like you can get to the point of having to do so many dailys that you can't play the game anymore and it becomes a job! Thoughts?

  • I usually only make 2 alts for storage and crafting mostly.

  • It depends on the game for me and whether it's allowed/feasible to have alts. In The Division 2, I have one main character and two alts.. alt characters. I use my alt characters as mules to store extra gear, weapons, and mods that I may use to test builds on my main character. Sometimes, it can get confusing where certain gear is stored, but it's not unmanageable. Some of clanmates play two characters about the same amount, in order to maximize crafting materials and to maximize their chances of getting raid exclusive drops between both alts. 

  • Depends if I'm playing a game for fun or if I'm actively selling items. For Diablo 2 Resurrected I used all 30 character slots to store all my sets. Each character would be used to store a specific set, so I could easily identify and trade them with ease. For Elder Scrolls Online I only had 2 characters since I didn't have any more time available to invest in this game. 

  • Man, I have an alt for just about every class I like just to dip my toe in it, but they're usually not leveled all the way. Like in WoW I have 8-10 alts on my server, but only three of them were max level going into Dragonflight (and one was the Dracthyr that started out high). I am probably only active with one in any given expansion.

  • WOW is what I was thinking about and I'm the same way...I get bored with my main and play around, but always come back to it. I maxed multiple in DF waiting for this season. I have not crossed over to Horde, though...

  • I would generally like to avoid alts since it usually indicates that a game could be lacking in content and that I would have 2 account just to stay entertained. If a game had  "friend" awards / trading, then I can see the value of having alts. But of course maintaining multiple accounts can be quite a chore.

  • Depends on the game. I think the only game that would count is Star Trek Online, I probably have too many, but I only really use two or three of them at any given time.