Which laptop would be better for college use and gaming?

I play Overwatch but also play games like Doom Eternal, Resident Evil 2/4 remake, GTA 5, and some newer titles. I also need the laptop to do compiling of code and other simulations as I am majoring in Cybersecurity.

So is the Legion Pro 7i, Legion 9i, or the new ASUS Zephyrus G16 the best bet?

  • Legion Pro 7i for value, Legion 9i if money is no object here for premium features (performance is comparable to 7i). Any of those 3 picks you listed would absolutely get your listed games running without any issue, though for both simulation work and gaming performance the Zephyrus G16 is going to be the least performant at matching specs and to a larger degree than just margin of error. I’d say rule out that device and look at other Legion devices if you want more options here. The Pro 7i still wins against the 9i in the performance department according to reviewers testing such as GizmoSlipTech on youtube who found that the Pro 7i was able to sustain higher power/clocks at lower temperatures for longer periods of time due to its bigger cooling system. The Legion 9i is for if you want comparable performance to this but with more premium build/features and a much nicer display with higher resolution and color accuracy, which as far as I know may be unnecessary for you since you seemingly aren’t doing anything that requires such color accuracy. This isn’t to say the Legion Pro 7i isn’t premium built and color accurate, just by comparison. If I were in your position, Pro 7i makes sense to me since I imagine sustained higher performance is more important for simulations that may take longer to complete and saves some money too.

  • I highly recommend avoiding the G16. It will have nerfed performance compared to the other two, while costing more. The 9i is a good middle ground as its weight isnt as much as the 7i 

  • It depends on what the minimum system requirements are for each of your games. Your laptop will need to meet the highest spec of these requirements. If you want better resolution and framerate, you must buy something more powerful than the minimum specs. Theoretically, any computer (probably 64-bit CPU or above) could compile code unless you're using a special feature only available on newer processors. However, it depends on how fast you want the compilation to finish. You would probably also want something with a discrete Laptop GPU; not just on-chip graphics. Battery life would be another consideration since more powerful laptops could be more power-hungry and run out of charge sooner without a higher-capacity battery. (I believe that more watt-hours are better). Screen resolution and refresh rates might also be a consideration for gaming and eye strain since I assume you will spend a lot of time using it daily. If you are picky about image quality, shop for one in-store to see how things look on its screen. I'm not sure what the requirements for cybersecurity would be. Most laptops capable of playing new AAA titles should be sufficient for college coursework. Check with your instructor, syllabus, and learning materials for guidance on what's required. Also, budget might be a consideration. So, I shop for laptops with a budget and minimum specs that I'm willing to settle for in mind, then I try to find laptops that meet that requirement within or near my budget. I might be willing to go over budget for a few other bells and whistles mentioned above in addition to quality, warranty, brand reputation, etc.

    Regarding the games you listed above, Resident Evil 4 is probably the most system-intensive. If you have compiling going on in the background while you're playing, you will need a "mean machine" indeed. The system specs of any one of the laptops that you're considering above (Legion Pro 7i, Legion 9i, or the new ASUS Zephyrus G16) should be able to play your favorite games. You would probably want to configure it with more than 16 GB of RAM since you will be doing a lot of multitasking. I don't keep on high-end laptops, so I guess it depends on how deep your pockets are, which laptops have more attractive features, and if you have a preference. 

    Prioritize your Cybersecurity studies over gaming, and I wish you the best.

  • The Legion 9i is the most premium gaming laptop currently on the market and one that I wouldn't recommend for a college student. It just costs far too much to be a reasonable suggestion. 

    The ASUS Zephyrus G16 and the Legion Pro 7i are pretty good comparisons with nearly similar performance. The Legion option does have a better build quality and a better keyboard(number pad). The ASUS has a better screen and quieter fans. I personally would go with the Legion Pro 7i because I have had better experience with customer service with Lenovo than with ASUS. 

  • Id recommend the legion slim 5 with the rtx 4060 and ryzen 7 7840hs. rly good machine for the price.

  • 100% with this. I prefer lenovo and asus to the other brands so honestly the three you mentioned are all good, although i have a gigabyte (best buy deal of the day). Lenovo is the better bang for your buck too. Keep checking the actual lenovo website for deals. Check best buy too. New egg is a waste of time and amazon is stupid expensive My brother got last years 7i with a 4070 and its a beast from the lenovo website and got a great deal. The lenovos generally come with fully powered gpus. Make sure its atleast a 4060 but i would go for the 4070 on sale. Good luck and patience is key

  • I have the 9i, did a review on it, but from what I've seen online, the 7i is just as capable and costs less like  others are saying. If you don't care for the design on the 9i and plan on using the trackpad a lot without a mouse, you may find the trackpad a bit small.

  • All of them do what you want, but I would go with a more portable solution if you can. New G16 is more portable so I would get that, or even a g14

  • Agree with Kelly here.  Love Lenovo, but also have a Gigabyte due to Best Buy.  Open box deal I wanted to check out, said it was in fair condition but from what the sales guy and I could tell, it was near perfect.  It was just sitting in their inventory too long and they dropped it from excellent to good to fair over the course of like 8 months.  If you can find a deal like that and don't feel too bad about buying something used, that would be the way to go.  If not, I'd say prioritize whichever will meet the school requirements first, then go with portability if you are going to be lugging it around.

  • I would say, yes any of those could work. But I would also throw in the Legion 7i slim in there too for better portability and perhaps battery life? (I will have to double check on that one). The thing I prioritize the most on my laptops are hardware durability (hinges, screens, materials used e.g., metal, plastic) since it is the physical hardware that ends up dying first and giving me problems. Another note: Asus as had a really bad reputation lately with their customer service and shady practices, so be aware of that.