QUESTION OF THE DAY: Two monitors for gameplay, or one HUGE one. GO!

I have two smallish monitors and im looking to upgrade. I kind of like having a wide field of view with the two monitors but I hate the bar gap in the center of my vision. Anyone have a recommendation on a good color, fps huge monitor that wont break the bank?

  • There's a third option that I used 20 years ago - video projector (it filled up a nice section of my wall). Back then, it was a $3,999 Sony LCD unit (with some unusual resolution like 1024 x 534 pixels for wide-angle DVD video), but they're a lot more affordable and smaller today... with higher Lumens (brightness) too. If it's not too large, you can even bring it with you when you travel. Have fun!  Thumbsup

    I don't see prices on the following Web page, but the units are sweet!

  • Most games support one monitor unless it's something like a racing simulator so I would go with a nice ultrawide monitor.  

    The Alienware one is highly recommended in gaming communities if you can afford the price"Content"&ar=1844462625179015816&cmp=RMX&irclickid=ySK1Uv2g3xyKTBXTfr0dgQvqUkHXtcwFpwNI0E0&irgwc=1&loc=Howl+Technologies%2C+Inc.&mpid=376373&nrtv_cid=7d53237bc3a6ff28c4c73e6cc93890d9873d9c1c010693652ed8e110567505e8&ref=198&skuId=6536990&utm_source=narrativ

    LG makes another good one but it's also priced quite high

    For a fraction of the Alienware's price ASRock makes a decent one

  • I love 2 monitors, 1 for the game and another for everything else on social media and chatting haha

  • Usually, one monitor is sufficient. It really is gamers choice!

  • I would think one, wide, immersive monitor would be best.

  • I personally like a 1440p 34" curved MSI one - good size and not wide screen aspect ratio.  Not home at the moment so cannot check the specific model but it's couple years old now and I'm sure they have something newer in that size and resolution. Shouldn't be expensive.

  • 2 monitors with a gap is definitely no go, for a big monitor experience get a least a 2k 34inch ultrawide which a brand that is easily serviceable in your area

  • You can also just buy a television with HDMI input and save on the cost of speakers.

  • One big monitor. My desk is too small for two, and I would have to sit further away which would not work.

    Also I would be annoyed by a gap as well.

  • It depends - if you're playing an MMO then maybe an ultra-wide monitor would suit your needs. If you're playing a game like League of Legends, then you really only need 1 monitor - I currently have the BenQ Ex240 and I mainly play LoL. It was not too expensive, and it can max out at 165 Hz, with other good specs, which I think is a steal.