Streaming games

Can you imagine having a system that streams GAMES!? With the classics being on the top of the list to start. I know Amazon has a similar platform but imagine your PC to your console being able to stream all types of video games? Do you think its possible?

  • I know the PS Remote app allows you to stream your ps catalog on your pc or mobile phone but I believe you have to be under the same ip address. I think it is definitely not just possible but probable. Streaming is being pushed hard. Once the tech gets to where there is negligible lag/input response times I think more players with hop on board. I have both a gaming pc and ps5 console and have tried various game streaming subs and have found the input response delays to be the sub par so if you are playing shooter or fast pace platformer it is an inferior experience in my opinion. I am sure that will change eventually.

  • I saw a Custom Build that had all the components of a PS5, Xbox Seri X, Switch, and a Gaming/Streaming PC.  It was a huge computer case and I bet it would toasty in that room.  Dual Builds where the case houses the gaming and streaming PC are pretty useful if you're going to be streaming professionally.

  • Like anything else: BANDWIDTH is everything. No way to eliminate lag, which will ruin the experience.

  • you can stream games on Steam to a phone for example, I havent looked into streaming games not on Steam though

  • I doubt once streaming become the big console thing that they'll be offering classic games at the top of the list. Classic games will be an add-on subscription just like Sony dies or now and it will be a small subset of what is available