PC Gaming Food

What would be your favorite food to munch while gaming?

  • This may be controversial, but I don't game and eat at all. I would rather take a break and grab a snack/meal than multitask. 

  • Gotta agree, don't want my fingers getting dirty cuz then I'll smudge my keyboard and mouse.

  • Same now. Used to do this when i was younger but i take breaks to eat. Only thing i have around me is water/coffee.

  • No food while gaming...too messy. But beer or whiskey? Doable, please and thank you!

  • Ditto. I've learned from past mishaps.

  • I love Ruffles potato chip's, there a little greasy but sooooo good..

  • Love it! Hate it when you're in a big RPG and can't remember why you're where you load is though. You gotta retrace your steps Hangover style.

  • I don't really have any favorite but it has to be something that isn't going to create a mess after touching it. That means anything greasy (or not really dry) is out.... or anything that is prone to getting residue on the keyboard, mouse, or gamepad. I'd say something like a trail mix is perhaps the way to go for me.

  • I will usually pause the game and snack and then continue playing as to not get my keyboard and mouse/controller oily.  Cheesits are my snack of choice with Barbecue Pringles a close second.

  • Nachos aren't greasy.  Gotta watch the salsa, tho.