PC Gaming Food

What would be your favorite food to munch while gaming?

  • Pretzels but can't eat over keyboard...salt in the keypad or board is an issue. If the drinks are flowing, all bets are off and the Doritos come out...it is a mess!

  • I am like chips, biscuits and tea while playing. 

  • I like having chips. Preferably something that doesn't leave too much residue lol

  • Easy and clean fruits like grapes and blueberries.

  • Like a few others, I don't snack while gaming. It can get messy.. dirty keyboard, dirty mouse, dirty mouse pad, dirty desk, dirty headsets.... I do stay hydrated while I game. Get up and stretch as needed and often. :)

  • I don’t often eat while I play my games but their is some times when I get board or I’m auto tuning and I would grab some candycorns  from my desk or I would grab some of my danish cookies to eat as well. I used to have some ramen while I played gta on my console but now their is no room on my desk to eat something on a plate.