PC Gaming Food

What would be your favorite food to munch while gaming?

  • Chips, peanuts, or Gummy.

  • This might sound very weird but an instant ramen is my food of choice!

  • I don't eat anything when gaming. I definitely don't want to get anything on my mouse, keyboard, or controller. 

  • I love having an Icee and Hot Cheeto Fries!

  • nachos or chips maybe with dip

  • Depends. If it's during the day when the sun's out, usually something like chips or pastries. If I get a pastry, I like to cut it up and eat it with a fork (probably after heating it up to get it crispy). If it's chips, I either use a spoon to eat the chips, or I just pick up the bowl and hope a chip will come into my mouth and doesn't spill. I usually do this so that I can still touch my mouse and keyboard without leaving food marks on my tech.

    If it's after dinner, usually it's fruit like strawberries or banana. Also with a fork.

  • Healthy fruits and vegetables.

  • I'm from the days when Cheetos was accepted as the ultimate computing/nerd food so that translates to my gaming snack as well. Also Cheezits. As for something that would be better considered as food, Totino's Pizza Rolls!