PC Gaming Food

What would be your favorite food to munch while gaming?

  • I like to have chips. Eaten in any fashion except by using my hands.

  • i normally keep water around, if chips i tend to do the chopstick strat. i try not to eat where i game for the most part though

  • Bro... its gotta be Takis. Literally hands down the best junk food ever!

  • Mitarashi Dango (Japanese snack)

  • chips, but using chopsticks to prevent grease!

  • I just grab whatever I happen to have on hand...chips, crackers, nuts, whatever.  I don't eat anything particularly messy so I don't really have to worry about getting my keyboard dirty.

  • Nothing for me.  I've had to do enough cleanup and replaced enough keyboards and mice and have learned that it's not worth it.  

  • I like Lays Some time McDonald Chips but I love to eat while playing videos game..... 

  • Chocolate M&Ms, or Gummy bears, or Doritos.