Sims 4 PC - To Mod Or Not To Mod

So, are you a purist who plays with no Custom Content/Mods at all or does your Mods folder look like the Windows System32 folder on max bloat? If you do use CC is it strictly CC or actual Mods or a combination?

  • Not a modder. Might try some day. But my backlog of games is embarrassing. 

  • To Mod because getting all the DLC is too *** expensive. 

  • Sims 4 = Spend days downloading 1500+ mods then play the game for a couple hours and quit for months.

  • So far no mods, might try one or two of the ones that claim to improve realism,.  I've tried that for previous sims games and ended uninstalling because it messed with the vibe that I was enjoying. 

  • Please do; I have my reasons. Sim maker is really frustrating to use at times because you have an image of what you want a sim to look like, but Sims has a really limiting facial creation system. Additionally, sometimes it feels like game generated non-household sims are really ugly, have odd names (Biryani Kanazawa, Indian and Japanese), they have really ugly pear shapes, etc. It's also just really irritating that an action won't happen in the Sims just because it doesn't exist in the files, like fear/scared. I have a large computer, so I'm not too worried about space.

  • I don't really mod,  But do look for ways to improve performance.

  • I would give it a shot. Free extra content sounds great.

  • I've been trying to mod the game to make is more of an actual 'simulation' where the sims will interact without input but none have made it that way so far.

    Outside of that I can't play vanilla anymore, just not enough content or engagement.

  • dont really mod unless it really well reviewed and something i crave to try

  • I enjoy mods in pretty much any game I play, back on Sims 2 I had that game loaded to the gills with custom content. I don't play Sims anymore, but rest assured if I was, it would be modded.