What did you get this Black Friday & Cyber Monday? Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal recommendations!

Curious to learn what you got on Black Friday & Cyber Monday and what great deals there are.

  • Computer parts, I really need a CPU upgrade badly.

  • I was thinking the ledger crypto wallet 

  • Nothing, those I was close to picking up a 20TB drive.

  • Good thing for those who wait.

  • Some Nintendo Switch games at good prices. Also got a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic from Target. They have a few different models on clearance at 70% off at many store locations.

  • Oddly enough just-food. It was a family member's birthday on Friday so it was spent eating all day. 

  • Discount eShop cards    : )

  • Nothing that'll help you. I got Pikmin 3 Switch fo 20% off online (because Walmart was out of stock instore). I really like this franchise, and I enjoy design and the characters (except Louie, who can suffocate on earth). Also, the thing I enjoy the most about the Pikmin series is the adaptive music which changes whether enemies are near, boss attacks, boss is weakened, pikmin are in danger during a boss battle, etc. I also got a ethernet extension chord because my current ethernet is stationary and is planted in the ceiling, so I need this so that I can move my CPU around the room for more comfort. I also got a fjällräven kånken for 50% off, which saves me a lot on my gift card (because gift money is still your money).

  • Just a Roku. All I really need now. 

  • Mostly winter clothing and stuff for Christmas for family members.