Favorite gaming keyboard?

Let's keep it concise!! What' your favorite gaming keyboard? And why? Try to give a few reasons why to make your answer more interesting.

I currently have a portable 60% mechanical keyboard by MageGee. It has a very simple and small but efficient design. It's works great, has pretty soft white adjustable lights, and comes with extra replaceable buttons. Overall, great for the price!

  • I love my Keychron Q1 HE, its solid, customizable, has hall effect switches that are super precise and allow you to make keystrokes as the key is still coming back up from a previous press. It gives an edge in FPS games where you want quick reactions and response from your mouse and keyboard. It's similar to the Wooting 60HE, but I like this one more because it costs a bit less, but is still good quality and you get function and arrow keys because its 75%.

  • I would like to try an optical keyboard for it's reduced latency.

  • I have a nice Galax keyboard (don't remember the model) that has a good feel and I'm totally fine with it.

  • Keychron is a great brand imo, especially if you want a wireless keyboard with a dial!

  • I got the 8 Bit Do mechanical NES looking keyboard for Christmas and it's nice. 2.4 Ghz and Bluetooth, long lasting battery, and looks great. 

  • Any one with no light, low profile/short motion, and silent

  • They work very well indeed.

  • Right now my favorite keyboard is my Lenovo K500 because I got it for free with the Reward points I got from being active on the forums. Smiley

  • At the risk of sounding stupid.  What are the difference between keyboards that a novice k=like me should look for  

  • Don't have one (I currently have a pretty cheap Microsoft bluetooth keyboard), but if I did, it would be the Keychron Q1 Pro for sure. The metal build and the choice when it comes to switches along with the 75% layout (and it also has bluetooth available) make it a really solid choice.