Gaming on next-gen ARM SoC

What will gaming on a Snapdragon Elite X be like?

Now that Microsoft is forced to make a version of Windows which (truly) runs on ARM¹, I wonder how well it will run games.  And whether or not the NPU will be used to offer "assists"—similar to those on some AI monitors².  Obviously, the deep-learning inference of the NPU has the potential to give cheaters an unpatched advantage.  At least, until the anti-cheats catch up.

Unless, of course, the anti-cheat publishers decided to be proactive.  Have they already prepared for NPU-based cheats?  What are the chances? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Do you hope to see these in Legion devices?

I understand that we'd love to see a Legion Go with an ARM SoC.  But, what about in laptops?  The performance of these SoC rival the Intel Core i7-13700HX³.  But, they consume far less power.  Would you accept limited support for your game library, if the device's battery lasts for 8–12 hours?

Remember... games for x86/AMD-64 (Intel/AMD) architecture cannot run on ARM-64—not without emulators or translation layers.  But, Apple has made those layers for their ARM-based silicon.  Will Microsoft and game publishers do the same for x86/AMD-64 games?

Matt Talks Tech: LEAKED BENCHMARKS!! M4 MacBook Vs Snapdragon X Elite Co-Pilot Ai Laptops

tl:dr → Shows single-core score ≥2,700 and multi-core score ≥14,000 (similar to Intel Core i7-13700HX) 

(1) Windows RT was a mobile OS—a version of Windows 8.x designed to run on 32-bit ARM SoC (System-on-Chip).  Because of the under-powered ARM-based Microsoft Surfaces, the experience of Windows RT was widely regarded as awful.

(2) Some features on AI monitors include visual assists for gaming; e.g. on-screen threat indicators and off-screen health/supply warnings on (decorative) LED lighting.

(3) My latest Geekbench6 results on Legion Pro 5i w/ Core i7-13700HX (link opens new tab or window).

  • I'm waiting it out to see if Snapdragon delivers. I don't see myself going to Apple Mx chips.

  • Mobile gaming on modern Apple A series and M series chips is really good but the games are made for iOS so for games to to work well on Snapdragon chips, the games would have to be optimized to run on Arm chips.

  • Can't wait to see the new future with new competition! Exciting times to see the benchmarks of a new company product!

  • I agree with this. How many companies are going to spend additional $ to optimize them. Apple isnt the go to for gaming so i dont see many developers going this route. That appld store just takes too much of their $

  • Is the version of Windows able to run all Windows based Programs and games?  If it is, then this processor would be great for a think laptop or tablet PC.   Games would surely still be restricted to the GPU and CPU.

  • Depends on gaming and battery performance, so it is wait and see. I can see the Legion Go 2 or Ultra light laptops using these.

    As for the AI chip I think is safe if customers are even able to get usable access to it the anti cheat companies will catch on fast.

  • I'm waiting for reviews as soon as the laptops are available. Otherwise, it looks very promising.

  • I can’t wait to get a gaming laptop.


    Depends on gaming and battery performance, so it is wait and see.

    Some Copilot+ laptops have already been reviewed.  Reviewers are getting 20+ hours of use on battery→similar to Apple M3 MacBooks.

    The CPU performance is similar to an Intel Core i7-13700HX.  I included the following under the video (in the original discussion post):

    tl:dr → Shows single-core score ≥2,700 and multi-core score ≥14,000 (similar to Intel Core i7-13700HX) 

    If you check the footnotes, (3) includes a link to my latest Geekbench 6 score—on my Legion Pro 5i Gen 8 (Core i7-13700HX):

    • 2,828 single-core
    • 15,158 multi-core

    I've heard that Baldur's Gate 3 runs pretty well.  As well as a couple of other games.  They got 30–40 fps on low settings.  But, that's without a discreet GPU (RTX 40xx mobile or RX 7x00 mobile).


    The Snapdragon X Elite has a decent iGPU.  It can do PS4-level gaming.

    Just because its an ARM SoC, doesn't mean it cannot be paired with an Nvidia, AMD, or Intel discreet GPU.  I know Nvidia already supports ARM processors.  AMD has already carved out a bit of a niche in the handheld market.  I doubt they want to surrender it.  But, I doubt they want to abandon opportunities to get Radeon-mobile chips into more devices.

    And then there's Intel GPU. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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