What brand of graphics card do you have and why? Would you ever try out a different brand?

I wanted to get the communities take on what graphics card they have and why: Was price your main concern? Upscaling technology? Brand name/loyalty? Other?

I also want to get the communities take on if they would ever switch to a different brand (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel). As for Intel, they are newer to the discrete GPU market, would you ever try one of their cards out?

  • Nvidia, it'd be great if AMD and Intel were more competitive choices. Right now it feels like they've almost got a monopoly on things.

  • I have the Lenovo 3080 and it's a really great card and has some nice RGB.  In the future I want to try an AMD card just because they offer cheap cards.

  • I like the Nvidia FE cards but I would typically get whichever most affordable I can get my hand on locally. With the recent Asus after sales service controversy, I'd rather have access to local service instead of remote unaccountable contractors.

  • I've always preferred ATI / AMD add-in cards / GPUs because they often work better for me in video games... and do well in Digital Content Creation (DCC) apps too. I've had many different brands through the years, in dual-card configurations too - Supermac, ixMicro, Matrox, ATI / AMD, Media 100, 3dfx, NVIDIA, etc. I've been wanting to get my hands on a recent NVIDIA card to experiment with Machine Learning (ML) though, since NVIDIA leads the field with its AI hardware at the moment. The emergence of NPUs in recent processors might upset NVIDIA's dominance in the market though, so I suppose I might have more options in the future. Good luck!  Thumbsup

    P.S. - I even had two Apple QuickDraw 3D accelerator cards that no software vendor ever really took advantage of  Cry

  • Currently have an AMD (6600XT), previous computers had NVDIA (1650, and 1030), prior to that it was all integrated graphics. Main concern is price and reliability. Thus far haven't had many issues with my AMD card, once I got things sorted. No experience with Intel, besides integrated stuff.

  • Nvidia - just seems like they have an edge technology-wise.  I have nothing to back this up; just feels like it to me that's all.  I guess I've also been pretty loyal to it for a while too.  I could be tempted to try out AMD video cards, but maybe for something other than a gaming system.

  • I have a Nvidia GPU currently because I managed to get a 4060 for around $100 on sale. I just couldn't pass off on this deal. 

    I'd switch over brands if it's an upgrade at a reasonable cost for the performance boost so long as I don't have compatibility issues with my existing parts. I don't really care about brands so long as its one of these top three. 

  • Always have gone with Nvidia. They are just one step ahead at all times in mostly everything aside from efficiency. DLSS for instance, very useful for performance and looks much clearer then AMD’s upscaling solution, which like most things took time to catch up. New innovations also come first on Nvidia’s side, and performance is always ahead with ray tracing performance especially remaining a generation ahead.

    All that said, I do want AMD and Intel to become more competitive in this space. It’d be nice to see AMD come up with a new innovation first or make a record setting GPU.

  • I've got a Nvidia 3070 in my Windows laptop, and it's been really good to me. I like AMD because it is a much more seamless experience on Linux for my son's desktop.

  • I have an nVodia card, but original bought an AMD before having to RMA it. I have no loyalty, I just want good and affordable (and don't really care about ray tracing).