Building a gaming tower

I'm looking to build or purchasing a prebuilt gaming PC and I'm wondering what brands you guys suggest and what specifications/ components do you guys suggest.

  • For pre-built, I would recommend a Legion Tower and there are currently some Gen 8 on sale on the Lenovo Website. I for one like Legion Towers because they serve as a solid foundation. You can easily upgrade as needed throughout the years. Other brands like Alienware are a lot less friendly when it comes to upgrading parts. I would recommend getting a 7i with a 4080 if you want something that will last several years.   

  • Thanks, I'll look into that

  • One Lenovo that I really like is the one with the 14700 and the 4070 ti SUPER. The SUPER has 16GB of VRAM and that model is on a pretty good sale right now. Or the 4070 SUPER to save some money for the cost of some future proofing (has 12GB of VRAM and most people seem to think that will be fine at 1440p for the next couple of years).