What demos have you all been playing from Steam Next Fest?

Steam Next Fest

Have you played any demos that made you wishlist an upcoming release?

Share any recommendations below, please!

  • Once human demo was good, I'm definitely going to be buying that when it comes out. 

  • Bus Bro u Survived is some dumb fun. It's an unexpected gem that I can't wait for a full release. 

  • Granvir is the one I've been having the most fun with. It's like a mech rogue like/lite (IDK the difference, really). You start off in a basic mech, then pick a path with each place having different difficulties and rewards. Them you can build up your mech with the loot. It's pretty fun if you like mech games.

    Ocean Keeper is fun, too. Kind of like a Dome Keeper thing but it is way too grindy for me. I hope they bring the difficulty down or the rewards up, because I had to play too long to get any real upgrades and then it didn't save, lol. It will be fun with some polish, though.

  • My interest has been piqued!

  • Looks fun even though I'm not much of a multiplayer gamer Thumbsup

  • I like the blocky art style of Granvir and it sounds interesting.

    Love that there's so much variety of games.