Hello Everyone Wave

Has anyone tried the Banana game in Steam?

Is it really that you can get money from it?

  • wow this is so random!

  • too much of a time sink.

  • This is the most random thing I have seen this entire month HAHA!! And no, it looks too goofy for me.

  • No absolutely not it is a waste of time 

  • There's always money in the banana stand.

  • Have not tried yet...  But will give it a whirl tonight... Just to say "I played the banana game", if nothing else.  LOL

  • Its an NFT scam beware

    Use at your own risk!

  • Never even heard of it. Ill check it out

  • Never heard of it.   Someone said it is an NFT scam, how is that possible?

  • Ok, this looks silly. How exactly would you earn money from it? I don't see that mentioned anywhere.