AimLab Scores or other ways to train gaming skills

Inspired by the TSM Valorant Aiming video I thought I'd share my latest score from AimLab. I like using it during breaks in the day or warming up before playing online. They've added a lot of new features recently but I still use the basic modes. Anyone else try it before or have other ways they practice skills?


  • This is more than I have been doing I think but what I did is I placed a marker on my screen more visible to help train my muscle memory for my eyes and reflexes following that point. It has helped a lot. Some monitors come with this, I am not aware of any Lenovo/Legion monitors being able to deploy the digital version that some have built in, but someone is welcome to correct me....

  • I've heard of folks doing this for some games. It's an interesting design choice when a game chooses not to have a center dot. Maybe they think it's more immersive?

  • I think it has to be that, which would hopefully be games that arent focused on being an FPS, which is not always the case. Rust would be an example of understandably not having one, but I have seen some other games that were ONLY FPS objectives and no center dot.

  • Usually I'll go into this or with Apex Legends they have a firing range to get accustomed to the recoils. I always forget to practice with this though lol. It definitely makes all the difference

  • Do you feel like it translates well to apex? Do they have settings for each game? Feels like it wouldn't be quite as accurate as being in an Apex practice range

  • They do have settings per game and apex is among them, I think it translates well especially for wingman shots

  • Oooo now you have me interested, might have to work on that wingman...

  • Let's see some warm-up rounds on stream and we'll track your scores