A couple of questions... VR+ your laptops & GOG GAlaxy installs...

1. I would like to connect my VR Oculus 2 to a laptop to play some of my Steam content, what's your setup?

2. I've gotten some cool keys for Gog Galazy linked games, the install faceplants from the site and there's almost on support articles for it that I'm seeing. What am I doing wrong?

  • I'd be interested in the responses. This is something I'd like to do too. 

  • Are you talking about playing VR games that are on Steam? Or just using your Oculus to play traditional Steam content? I have the same situation, but have only used my Oculus to play Meta content to date.

  • Have you tried using the new Steam Link app from the Meta Quest store?

  • Same here, haven't tried VR yet but interested.

  • Haven't tried VR but am interested in others' experiences with it. 

  • I haven't done this, but connecting a VR to my laptop does seem interesting ... it would definitely require a few cables and special connectors. Is there any runnable software required to connect the VR to the application/game played on the laptop?

  • Like others mentioned above, is there any program you need to run (such as an emulator) to view games through the VR device? It seems like it might be complicated to set up to view the app in the same way you do normally with the laptop.

  • I don't think I'd tolerate VR. 

  • VR setup is standalone from the laptop/pc

    Seems better that way, less connections and cables to manage

  • I appreciate everyone's comments in helping to problem solve this issue!