Lenovo Legion Tower PCs

I’ve been thinking about getting one of these Lenovo Legion PCs that fit my budget of 1k. I saw the displays at Best Buy and micro center and it looks so cool and clean. I have concerns though, is it upgradable? Are parts like the PSU, motherboard, and other parts standard? Does Lenovo lock the CPU to only other Lenovo systems?

  • Which models are you looking at? I reviewed the newest G8 desktop model and it's quite upgradeable. I already added extra storage to mine and upgraded the RAM.

  • I have the same question!

  • From my experience, the tower is easily upgradeable since the majority of parts are standardized. You will certainly have no problems replacing storage, PSU, ram, GPU, etc. The only parts that might be tricky would be the motherboard and CPU since you may have some compatibility issues depending on what model you have. You may end up needing to upgrade both at the same time. Otherwise, the legion pre-builts are a solid foundation to build on over the years. 

  • My first Legion prebuild was more cube shaped and it made upgrading it a bit tricky. It was a fantastic machine though and still going strong for my daughter as a hand-me-down.

    The ones now are in a more standard form factor for the tower and you shouldn't have much of an issue.