What was your first mmo?

My first mmo was Asheron's Call 2 and it was kinda mind blowing at the time, never really played anything like it. I went on to play a few others and really loved some, but that one in particular will always hold a special place for me. I felt it went pretty unnoticed for its time.

  • Can Gunbound be considered MMO? Still miss that game...

  • For me it was City of Heroes, although it might have also been Guild Wars as I got them both at the same time. City of Heroes was so much fun and a creative game at the time.

  • Final Fantasy 11 on the playstation 2! Had the buy the game with a special hardware accessory for the ps2. included a hard drive and a ethernet socket to connect to the internet. 

  • Final Fantasy XI, I remember it being difficult to really get anywhere in that game lol.

  • World of Warcraft for me, probably like for a lot of people. I had seen EverQuest before that and really wanted to try it, but alas never did. 

  • I actively avoided MMOs till Guild Wars 2. 

  • I had played a little bit of Everquest in the past, but I'd say the first mmo that I played and had my own account on was runescape, back when it was a browser based game. after that was Star Wars Galaxies. I miss SWG a lot.

  • My first MMO was warcraft. I still play it!