LGC Minecraft Server

The LGC Minecraft server is now LIVE

Come visit and connect with the community on our very own Minecraft server hosted by Brain Dead Guild! We are still building out the world and have already seen a steady stream of visitors staking their claim in the world. We have a Hospital, Hotel, Housing Village, PVP Arena, and subway created! Server mods and admins are able to protect your area from griefing! 

Server Address: minecraft.braindeadguild.com

Support server: https://braindeadguild.com/discord

Server rules directly mirror those of the Lenovo Gaming Community and Discord Server. Violation of these rules may result in a permanent ban from the minecraft server. 

Minecraft server is not run by Lenovo. This server was created for the Legion Gaming Community by Legion Affiliate Fultec. Any concerns or questions about the server should be directed to the support server. Lenovo staff and mods have no responsibility for anything that happens on the server so do not bother them.