Gaming Monitors

Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone could please give me any recommendations for a gaming monitor 1080p 144hz. I do not want a TN panel as the colors are not so great preferably a IPS with a low response time. Thank you!

  • Anything Lenovos usually good

  • It really depends on how much money you are willing to spend...

  • Very useful info in here.

  • AOC has 25-30 inch curved 1080p 144hz monitors. They’re very reliable and normally cost around $200, maybe cheaper. If you shop on Amazon, buy one there.

  • Lol. I have a 55" TCL 6 Series and hook my pc up to it when I want to game in 4K. It does work well although I think gaming monitors still have little better response times.

  • I usually just go with anything that can go 144hz at the minimum

    1. ASUS VG249Q: This is a 23.8-inch gaming monitor with an IPS panel, 1080p resolution, and a 144Hz refresh rate. It has a low response time of 1ms MPRT and features ASUS's proprietary Extreme Low Motion Blur technology, which further reduces motion blur. It also has good color accuracy and a wide viewing angle, and is compatible with G-Sync and FreeSync technology.

  • I prefer Benq Brand monitors I’ve had good experiences with their products.

  • I use a 40 inch Sceptre V monitor for my gaming and it has great response time for fast paced games particularly sports Basketball Football