Any fun multiplayer games that you recommend?

Honestly, I'm a bit tired of the mainstream games like COD, Fortnite, Apex, and Overwatch.

Can someone recommend me a good multiplayer game to play and relax after work? I like 3rd person games.

  • one of those of the best multiplayer game on pc is ark survival evolved this has been one of my favorite games for well over 6 years. This is a fun survival game you can play with all your friends, the main point of the game is to tame and breed creatures and then fight the boss and get element and then ascend. There is also pvp where you have to fight against other tribes but I don’t like pvp because if your not one of the first people in the server than you can’t really progress. Another reason why I like the game is because they have a lot of different maps that you can play on that have different creatures. Another game that is a fun multiplayer game is the mmorpg game called black desert online. In this game you have to survive and level up and get better gear it is a large map with different level of enemies that you can fight against. One of my favorite reasons why I love this game because their are so many different types of ways you can play as my favorite is the wizard and sage.

  • Hey, Zack thanks for the suggestions. I actually haven't tried any of those games so I'll definitely check them out!

  • I really like Elder Scrolls Online. But I also grew up playing Morrowind and was obsessed with the series. 

  • Try playing "Crawl", it's a really good game

  • Ark is always a good time

  • It depends on what Genre you prefer. I like WOW, Elder Scroll, Diablo Series, Morrowwind. I heard path of exile is also very good. Destiny2 is decent to play.

  • I suggest Multiverse.

  • I really liked playing age of calamity. But only 2 people can play.