Budget friendly desktop recommendations

I know it’s a stretch when trying to get something better but also save money. We learned that upgrading our 17yr olds laptop last year for his coding class. But we were just upgrading one computer not 8. 

We’re a family of 7 plus we use a separate desktop as our server. We currently have HP and they work fine but the upgrade options are limited and there’s still a couple not running on full memory because you can’t find it. 

We LOVE to play Modded Minecraft, we run our own private server and play. 17yr old and 6yr old have discussed becoming content creators. Those two also play Roblox and Five Nights at Freddie’s. Plus other members of the house play World of Warcraft & Fortnite and some Steam games. 

We don’t have to go with the high intensity graphics because we usually turn them down in the game setting anyways (personally I can’t see HD or even 3D at the theater with the glasses, it’s a bummer). So We’re more focused on processing and memory. And it has to have Ethernet ports. We noticed a lot of new laptops don’t offer this. But our house is networked. And I’m sorry but things run better plugged in. 

Any recommendations? That aren’t $2,000 each LOL 

  • I feel like you can catch a deal on a sale, either through Lenovo, or even like Costco. 

  • I am interested also.  Please share any good info.

  • I think you're going to want this one. Great specs and price under $1k. 

    Legion Tower 5i Gen 6 Gaming Desktop with Intel | Lenovo US

  • Do what I do, scan Craigslist for bargains.

  • I mean, this seems like the perfect fit for an old Xeon server on Ebay or a local business with lots of ram and bays

  • CyberPowerPC has reliable low-cost desktops. I owned a $600 one that was kinda low spec but still allowed me to play my favorite games — it could even manage triple A games on low graphic settings.

  • I think you can go with a relative cheaper laptop, Minecraft isn’t too hard to run