What is the best way to get into the Elder Scrolls universe?

With people being hyped over Elder Scrolls Online revealing Shadow Over Morrowind adventure on today's Xbox Developer_Direct show, what is the best way to get into the Elder Scrolls universe?

I was thinking perhaps Skyrim, but I have read that it has changed the gameplay formula, specifically how character & skills are leveled and affect each other, in comparison to earlier games in the series, so now I'm not sure.

  • When you say get into...are you talking about learning the mechanics or getting into the general vibe?

    Skyrim, even if the mechanics aren't the same is a great game and totally worth playing in isolation of any in universe games.  Oblivion is also well regarded but it's just a muuuuch older game and the mechanics are different from Skyrim again.  

  • If you decide to play Oblivion, I recommend installing the mod, Hilarity.
    Coupled with any piece of gear that grants 100% chameleon and a bit of creativity, you are in for quite an entertaining time.
    And if you ever grow bored with that, there's always the creation kit.

  • Elder Scrolls Online is actually a great way to get into Elder Scrolls. It’s an MMO, but you can totally play it like a single player Elder Scrolls game if you want (I do). Everything levels up as you do, so you can start anywhere in the world you want—with the latest adventure, or in an older zone, wherever interests you. Plus it’s set earlier in time than the other games, so there’s lots of lore that sets up the later games. The base ESO game is often on sale for just a few bucks, and no subscription is required, so check it out sometime.

  • Skyrim seems like the way to go. It's the most recent and has the most mods.

  • I'd go with Skyrim. It might be harder to get into older games because they're all a bit broken and janky.

  • Always wanted to get into this series, but I'm a little OCD about things like that, which means I would need to put a TON of time into the older games, and I understand the earliest ones (specifically Daggerfall) are quite clunky these days.

  • Skyrim would definitely be the most approachable. Probably work your way back in the series if you really enjoy that.

  • Great information, as I was always curious about this as well.

  • If you are interested in the Shadow Over Morrowind reveal then I would recommend you start off with Elder Scrolls Online. This game is on sale right now on Greenmangaming and you can get the base game and the collector's edition upgrade for high isle for less than $20 (High Isle was the previous significant expansion). You can easily get hundreds of hours from the base game, but I would recommend you get the high isle expansion because it includes 5 previous chapters. 

  • I play a bit of ESO--if you're interested in the MMO aspect, then it's not bad... My only problem with ESO joining so late is that there's this QUEST OVERLOAD... in the single player games if you crossed paths with someone, you would naturally pick up the quest. But in ESO it's just SO MUCH CONTENT that it seems never ending. If you're looking to get into the lore, Morrowind is the best, but Skyrim is probably the most approachable from a gameplay/graphics perspective.