What is the best way to get into the Elder Scrolls universe?

With people being hyped over Elder Scrolls Online revealing Shadow Over Morrowind adventure on today's Xbox Developer_Direct show, what is the best way to get into the Elder Scrolls universe?

I was thinking perhaps Skyrim, but I have read that it has changed the gameplay formula, specifically how character & skills are leveled and affect each other, in comparison to earlier games in the series, so now I'm not sure.

  • I would start with Skyrim and then move on to ESO. There are lots of great mods for it too.

  • I play both elder scrolls online and also Skyrim but I prefer to play Skyrim when I have nothing to do. I only play elder scrolls on my PlayStation because that is where I first started it, when I first got the game I was really into it but over time I just don’t really want to go thro all of those things. When I first got my computer I bought elder scrolls online and when I first started it it said a could link my account and I was very excited about it because I spent a lot of time on my PS4 and I had the other classes unlocked but when I finally managed to link my account it does not let you transfer over any of your data or also character or anything like that. Because of this I did not really want to play the game and just quit playing it on my computer because I did not want to start over.  I love the game Skyrim it is one of the few games I still play on my PlayStation because of how much I love the game. When I first got my computer I immediately thought of Skyrim but I waited a few weeks to actually get the game because I just spent all my money.  When I first started playing Skyrim it was on my PlayStation and it played very well I liked how good my graphics were on my tv but when I played it on my laptop I noticed that it was not as good. I still love to play Skyrim on my laptop but it is not as fun as playing on my computer.

  • I've been wondering about this myself! I'm very interested in getting into the games.

  • I started with Skyrim. That led to interest in other games in the universe. 

  • Skyrim looks to be the most current way to start.

  • Id say Skyrim as well. Good story and gameplay imo.

  • I'm no help, i don't play this.