Can anyone summarize the differences between the Latest AMD and INTEL Laptop Processors for Gaming?

I keep hearing that Both Intel and AMD Gen4 claim they are "better".    Appreciate hearing your thoughts and/or experience.

  • Basically amd isn't Intel which had been the go to for ages..Amd has tended to evolve around many cores on each cpu where Intel and been developing using less cores and more virtual cores... Generally better performance per core. (Intel)

    If you have games or programs that can utilize those cores for multitasking it's probably going to run better with amd. I've been a bit out of the game but it looks like Intel has somehow taken over budget lately and amd took a premium spot with a crazy CPU...

  • AMD usually has more cores, while Intel delivers better performance per core.

  • Historically Intel has been better. I'd say AMD delivered more price to performance over the last few years, but with the newest generation Intel is better.

  • AMD Zen4 uses only DDR5 RAM. Intel Raptor Lake supports both DDR4 and DDR5 RAM. Both won't be available in laptop CPUs until later this month or next month.