Best recent single player games

It has been some time since I was really hooked on a game that I couldn't just wait to play more and I'm looking for suggestions. For some background, I used to play multiplayer team shooters like Counter Strike, Natural Selection, CoD, but I no longer have the time to play those kinds of games and I've shifted to single player games. Lots of games with interesting stories, systems, RPG and/or action appeal to me, some strategy, survival, etc. as well. I've just not found any recent games that keep me coming back for more.

Please let me know your suggestions and why you like them.


  • I enjoy Valheim and played a lot of it a year ago or so. Haven't tried it in a while though so might be nice to play through the new biomes. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • I highly recommend the Monster Hunter series. If you like optimizing builds, coming up with new combinations of skills/effect to chain together, it's a very interesting game to play. Stories in those games are a B at best, but it's a game about killing monsters left and right so it's kinda hard to write anything better than average.

  • It looks interesting!

  • Not sure how recent you're looking for, but, Hitman is a lot of fun, they recently did a whole new update line to it so one purchase gives you all three games for the same price. No Man's Sky is good for it you want to do single player or selective multiplayer, Just cause is always fun, and can't really go wrong with the Fallout or Elder Scrolls games. of course Deus Ex as well. Evil Genius 2 is also fun to play.

  • I will definitely have to give the new Hitman game(s) a try. I enjoyed playing one of the old original release ones years ago, but haven't revisited them.

    No Man's Sky often does draw me in, I've played it in fits and starts where I'll play it every day for a month, and then go for a long time without touching it after I accomplish my goals. The Expeditions have been fun that way in giving new gameplay experiences and goals for a shorter duration. I should check out the new one that just dropped this week.

    I've tried Fallout 3 and Fallout NV, but didn't get too far in either. Not that they were bad, just got distracted by other things. I should probably give them another try when I can play consistently for a while. Same for Elder Scrolls. I played the ES:Arena game for many hours back when games came on floppy disks, and played a lot of Daggerfall in my university days. Haven't played much of Skyrim, Morrowind, or Oblivion as in each of them I got bogged down by trying to loot everything from everywhere. I should probably try to play those again with a no looting rule for myself or upgrade looting only kind of goal to keep me on the story.

    Thanks for the suggestions Cameron, and yes Deus Ex (1) was one of my long time plays, where I did every mission in every way and tried out different builds. I should try some of the newer ones and see how I like them.

  • Happy to be of assistance. I finished Fallout 3's main campaign a long time ago, but really enjoyed both it and NV. Fallout 4 is pretty good, though it's lacking a lot, so mods almost become a necessity, I beat Skyrim's base campaign once with a tanky argonian character, occassionally I'll pop in again, then jump back out, I haven't played Morrowind or Oblivion yet, but yes, I know what you mean by getting bogged down, especially if you end up building / playing as characters that tend to not wear heavy armor. weight is a difficult thing to manage. I've played a bit of Mankind divided... and I think it was Human revolution, but I have the whole set.