how do I get ethernet without running cables through my walls?

I am trying to run ethernet to my PC in my room, but I do not have cable for it running through the walls. I have tried a MoCA adapter but that did not work, and am wondering if there are any other ways to get ethernet to my PC.

  • Get another wifi router to your room, then connect to the network and plug an ethernet between the router and your PC. Other than that, you will need the cables, even if they don't go through walls. And don't trust those "powerline" things, those are terrible!

  • Or better yet just a WiFi range extender that has an ethernet port. A second router seems unnecessarily redundant and convoluted.

    I don't see the sense in having to manage a second router just to expand connectivity in this case. And now imagine if for example you wanted to do something like host a game or a voice chat server and needed to enable the requisite port forwarding to get it to work properly. Except now you are talking about going through two nested hardware firewalls instead of just one. Yikes, sounds like a hassle to me! It's better to keep things simpler in my opinion.

  • I took this option myself three years ago and it works great.

  • I took this option myself three years ago and it works great.

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