The last game you completed

it was firewatch for me, kinda of a weird game for me but I really can't talk about why without spoiling it. Definitely more of an experience than a game

  • The most recent game I beat is NecroBouncer thanks to the free Legion Key from Twitch. Thanks, Ben. 

  • Ori and the Blind Forest

  • I honestly can't' remember the last game I completed. I start multiple games, and play them for a while, but rarely have the time or dedication to them to keep playing them to the finish. Family life, wife, job, school, etc. all take so much time these days that I often prefer shorter games since I have a chance of finishing those.

  • Hi-Fi Rush, what a blast of a game

  • the one that comes to mind for me I think it's Star Wars Republic Commando... I thought there were some more recent ones, but I can't seem to recall any.