What's your favorite pc game and why?

Looking to play some new games on pc since of getting bored of the ones im playing right now and curious what outher people like to play and what makes that game so special to them.  

  • For almost 3 years I’ve been playing Elder Scrolls Online. ESO is a vast game for all types of players from solo questing to end game achievement hunters. What keeps me coming back for more is the community that surrounds the game from Twitch streamers to the great supportive players in many Discord channels. Negative is it can become cumbersome with inventory management without the paid subscription ESO+, but fairly priced and gives access to all past DLC except the most current released chapter.

    if you enjoy rpgs or a fan of Elder Scrolls I’d give ESO a try. 2023 will bring a new chapter with a new class Arcanist. With plenty of content to keep you occupied until 2024. 

  • Check out PCVR gaming if you're bored with with PC gaming already

  • Undertale, because it mixes many genres into one game and has a perfect story with many nuances and twists. And the soundtrack is one of the best I have ever heard in any kind of media.

  • oof. this is a tough one for me. I'm a huge lover of the Homeworld series of games, amazing artwork, story, mechanics and a work of art, truly amazing, I'm also a huge fan of Warframe, it's similar, though not directly strategy, it has a lot of awesome mechanics, deep deep lore and story that will blow your mind, and the devs are as passionate about the game as the players are, which is hard to comb by now adays. No Man's Sky also makes it into my top list, it's hugely open galaxy and you can build bases and explore the universe, it tends to be quite relaxing and great to play overall.

  • Iv been a lifelong Blizzard products fan. I prefer the Diablo  and Starcraft games. Never ending possibilities every time you play.

  • Right now for me it's stellaris. I'm a big fan of strategy games especially those made by paradox. Getting to play a fledgling space empire and working through the centuries to become powerful is an amazing feeling. 10/10 would reccomend!

  • PC gaming offers lots of gameplay variety. I've got a few suggestions that should pique your interest:

    Red Solstice 2 - Coop strategy game where you and up to 8 players try to save Mars from a really bad zombie outbreak. The campaign is excellent, online leveling compliments your campaign and has lots of weapons. It plays like a fast-moving RTS, without the base building. 

    Prodeus - Classic Doom gameplay with a fresh coat of paint. Lots of creative weapons and music by Andrew Hulshult. There's a robust map maker included with the game, and many community made maps are available to play now. Also has PvP. 

    Children of Morta - It's an ARPG like Diablo. It has rogue-lite elements like Dead Cells. It's a lot of fun. Different play styles, skill trees that help out all classes, and an excellent family-driven story make this one stand apart from the usual "kill a bunch of monsters on the way to hell" loot fest games. The art style is unique as well. 

  • I really love the Monster Hunter games. They get continual updates and weekly events so you always have something to do

  • I absolutely love narrative-driven games, like Red Dead Redemption 2. Open world is fun too and even though it is pretty old at this point, GTA 5 never disappoints. 

  • I get into different games and then I find myself going back to WoW. So I suppose that makes it my favorite game.