upgrade graphics for pc

hey guys i was wondering what is the latest graphics card for windows 7 pc 2gb  of ram.

  • Used could go number of ways. New, can still get nvidia gt 710 , 730 or even a 1030 that should probably run on that age of system.

  • I know 7 ruled back in the day but why are you still on it? For retro gaming? if 10/11 are privacy issues for you, Pop Os (free Linux distro) can play just about anything and doesn't have the security issues or hardware limitations that 7 has now that it's out of service.

  • i think you can use modern gpus but upgrading would be a bettter choice

  • It's been a while, but I'd imagine you could get away with using an nvidia gt 1050 or lower, even then windows 7 I think is still supported for most software / games, so you probably could use some of the newer models as well, I'd check to see if they support windows 7 and of course make sure the port on the motherboard can support the connector.

  • Verify your gpu slot first but I’d imagine you might be looking at 1030 or maybe even a 1050.

  • I believe there are Windows 7 drivers for newer Nvidia cards including RTX 2000 and 3000 series but with such an old and extremely low RAM, it is not worth putting in a modern gpu unless you upgrade your processor. I think you are better off with a Nvidia GT 1030 unless you upgrade.  I also tend not to upgrade to newer versions of Windows until I know it is safe and stable but Windows 7 is extremely outdated. You really should think about upgraded both your pc and Windows. The benefits definitely outweigh the disadvantages.

  • If you can put more ram in your computer that probably is your bottleneck.  2gb for win 7 is low.  Physically you might be able to put a modern gpu in your case, but you'll probably have to update your power supply.  You will have a fast video card but your cpu will be your bottleneck and not be able to pass info to the gpu fast enough.  Then you're on a cycle of upgrade this then that.  Miuht be better to just get a new system.

  • Do you mean the computer has 2GB of RAM or you're looking for a video card with at least that much?

  • I can't wait to upgrade.. This really helps.. Thanks

  • With only 2gb of normal RAM, it's unlikely that upgrading graphics will net you that much performance since the rest of your system is probably bottlenecking.