Streaming recommendations

Hey Lenovo Legion Family!

Looking to set up my streaming capabilities! I’ve read about obs and Streamlabs. I’d be streaming live to you tube...any recommendations? I have all of the

Just want to make it look awesome Slight smile

  • Both OBS and SLOBS work well! StreamLabs OBS is more beginner friendly, so I would start there if you're new to streaming.

    What games are you going to play??

  • APEX and PUBg mainly!

  • I wanted to stream just to mess around and see what it was like, and I used Streamlabs OBS and Twitch Studio. While both programs work great I found it easier to figure out Twitch Studio. That's just my experience though the best way is to use different programs and find out which one you like most imo.

  • For starters StreamLabs OBS is the best. Once you are getting the hang of it, you can use OBS to create your own scenes/configuration

  • Great feedback everyone! Thank you. Im set up with Streamlabs....

    Now - Technical question. The stream can hear my do I stop that?

  • Get a virtual mixer

  • I favor Stream Elements plug in for OBS live myself, it uses far less of the CPU and honestly works fantastically , though to be honest I never gave slobs much of a chance.

  • I use Voicemeeter Banana. It took some time to get set up correctly but is really powerful. 

  • My daughter has been wanting to start live streaming minecraft on twitch she got a legion t730-28ico i7-9700k 3.6ghz 16gb 1tb + 256 rtx 2070 w10h as a gift for her birthday from her grandmother, Along with viewsource led dual screen, 5ms 60hz, we are still waiting on the tower to get here but I am new to all of this and am hoping someone can help me out here regarding what I need to get to upgrade the system so it can handle everything and run smoothly as well as what I need to get to get for her to actually be able to do the livestreaming on twitch.  

  • Hey! Well first thing, you should know that your daughter needs to be at least 13 to stream on Twitch per their TOS, or you need to accompany her as she does it.

    The t730 should have more than enough power to stream minecraft! Look up "StreamLabs OBS" when you get the tower set up, that's the streaming software I recommend for beginners. It walks you through all the steps. Add a microphone/camera if desired, and you're good to go!

    The only thing I'd say is you may want a second monitor or tablet, so that she can see chat while she plays the game.