Which GPU is better AMD’s RX 6600S vs NVIDIA’s RTX 3060?

Planning to buy a new laptop and I need help. 

  • as an amd guy here i will say go with RX6600 but if you are planning to use ray-tracing then Rtx is the only way.,.. so go for the rtx (they do have more stable drivers)

  • I'd say stick with 3060. Nvidia in general is mre useful for me. I use it for some small work stuff in addition to gaming and cude cores are much better supported.

  • 3060 if you need its cuda core for work

  • When it comes to choosing between AMD's RX 6600S and NVIDIA's RTX 3060, it's important to consider your specific needs and use case.

    In terms of raw performance, the RTX 3060 is generally considered to be the more powerful of the two, offering better gaming performance and ray tracing capabilities. However, the RX 6600S is no slouch either and can still provide excellent performance for most games.

  • I would recommend the RTX 3060. I have a computer with one and I get very good fps.

  • If you're gonna get an AMD cpu then pair it with AMD GPU, otherwise go with Nvidia