Desktop in Semi Truck

I've considered installing a desktop in my truck.  I have plenty of room in my ultraloft. My only concern is the constant vibrations and jarring while going down the road. Should I not bother, or are current desktops fairly resistant to this?

  • Vibration may effect your desktop

  • Cops have rugged laptops in their cars all the time when they drive. Maybe look at a rugged laptop meant for extreme environments. If you wanted to try with a desktop, just ensure it has an SSD and not a traditional HD which spins.

  • I would definitely worry about the vibrations. I do transport desktops every so often but that's not too many miles and I always worry. My alternative would be to get a high tier monitor and DP/HDMI it to a laptop.

  • I also tried to do mine but the same thing you say happened to me and then you have to be very careful if you drink any drink that could fall on it because it already happened to me

  • A solidly mounted CPU cooler and something to keep the GPU from moving would probably be enough. Other things in computers are relatively light and bumps in the road don't seem like they'd affect them.

  • Police and military are the first thing that came to mind.
    OP may do well to contact a department (he's on the road; he has plenty to choose from) and ask which company they use for their field equipment and outfitting.
    Perhaps they would even have some practical advice to offer.

  • There are a bunch of ruggedized desktops on the market these days.  They typically range from slightly more expensive mini desktops that have few/no fans to dust and water sealed units.  You can check out the specs for those and see which one seems best if you want to go that route, I wouldn't be surprised if Lenovo sells at least one. 

    It's a bit cliche and totally off brand for this forum, but a Panasonic Toughbook is the only "right" answer for an OTR driver, given it's ubiquity in the cabs of oil/gas trucks and surveying rigs.  It's no gaming laptop, but it'll probably outlast just about anything else you might buy instead.

  • If you could somehow surround it with egg crate foam insulation WITHOUT blocking ventilation......

  • Police cars have extensive computer equipment and those are subject to the same effects or vibrations and stop and go traffic. As long as you secure the desktop when you are moving it should cause any issues.

  • What would be its purpose? For gaming? I think the vibration should be fine... but I would probably keep the computer off while driving.