Desktop in Semi Truck

I've considered installing a desktop in my truck.  I have plenty of room in my ultraloft. My only concern is the constant vibrations and jarring while going down the road. Should I not bother, or are current desktops fairly resistant to this?

  • I am not completely sure but I would imagine constant vibrations would impact the desktop in negative ways. It seems like too much of a hassle for minimal benefit. You could always use a tablet or laptop that are way more portable and occupy less space. You could build a fold out tray for your laptap with a plug-in wired into your cars electrical system. There are powerful laptops that can perform near their desktop counterpart if you are looking to use cpu/gpu intense software. I do like your idea. I don't think I have ever seen desktop tricked out ride with maybe a medium sized 4k monitor before. It would definitely be cool just to much risk vs reward in my opinion. Good luck bro

  • Are you planning on doing activities that you don't need to be connected to the internet?  For computer work while traveling, I think that you would be much better off with a laptop computer to get your work done.  I would also recommend that when not using the laptop, that you put it in a firm storage case designed for laptops.

  • That is an interesting idea. Given that it's a commercial you're probably moving a lot and wear and tear is definitely a concern but I don't think it's going to be any absolutely harmful. I'm sure there are vanlifers out there who use a desktop, maybe work out some kind of suspension system or use shock absorption padding.

  • You would have to take care for the parts not to move much while also having good ventilation and a rebound material to allow some movement without damage. And don't even think about HDDs. I would much rather prefer a laptop, but it comes down to your budget and needs. Just bear in mind the PC may not last that much.

  • installing foam cabinet around the desktop will help with vibration and attaching springs to the base will also help 

  • A semi truck loft has room for a desktop?!  Holy cow!

    I’d imagine all the vibrations and jarring would shorten its life.  SSD would be a must (vs. HDD).  I personally would do a laptop because it’s built for portability.

  • If you are able to build a box (think plywood) in a manner that it can be lined with firm egg carton foam and still be able to cool itself off, it would be fine.  Would probably be best if it is on its side with the motherboard on the bottom.    Wouldnt need a full box, but just enough to maximize airflow, more of a base with a few sides and a strap to hold it down.  The foam would remove the sharpness of the vibrations and be cheap.   Of course a laptop wouldn't need any of that.

  • I think if you avoid moving parts (i.e., get an SSD in place of any HDD) and you insulate the case from vibration, you should be good. You might also consider getting a laptop that you can just dock in your can somewhere, since they're built for portability and are often tough against jarring and vibration. Good luck and happy gaming!

  • I think it be better a tablet or a laptop.