Grand Strategy recommendations

Hi, I'm new to the legion community, just wondering if anyone out there is playing grand strategy games.  Some of my favorites are Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, the Civilization series and Age of Mythology (not quite so grand, but still strategy).  Recommendations/comments welcome! 

  • One of our recent giveaway games "Northgard" might be worth checking out!

    I don't know if it's considered "grand" strategy, but it certainly scratches that RTS itch. It was surprisingly fun and I think I could spend a lot of time playing it myself!

  • I play Civ regularly, trying OCC's on Deity is my recent pleasure/torture :-) I still need to pick up the New Frontier pack but it's daunting to learn all the new content.  I've wanted to try Stellaris but haven't found the time.  I played the Humankind beta and will definitely be playing it when released. I might play Endless Legends while I wait to get used to some of the mechanics that are in Humankind.

  • I love the civ series. Awesome games Slight smile

  • I play the Total War series. It really satisfies my "turn-based grand strategy" with the Real-time battles. Plus I love history, and those games are quite immersive.