The Wiggle That Killed Tarkov

Just wondering what anyone (and everyone) thinks about the video posted on g0at's YouTube channel.  Just how bad has cheating gotten?

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the link:

The Wiggle That Killed Tarkov

  • The cheating on other games, like Warzone, convinced me to give up on all multiplayer games.  Just as I was considering trying Tarkov and Warzone 2, g0at's video dropped. smh

  • This is an impressive video and something far more rampant than I expected. We all know that cheating occurs in PVP and that it is also a multi-billion dollar industry. However, this is the first time I ever thought about the extent to which it occurs. I'm just glad that at my age I almost exclusively play PVE games now. 

  • That's how I feel.  And I reached "that age" — when I should have switched to PVE-only games — a decade ago.

    The worst part... cross-play has made it nearly impossible to play console v console.  To find a match on my old PS4, I must be willing to play against PC players — the platform where most cheating occurs.

    Cheating was so bad on PC, 1998–2004, that I switched to PS2 for all PVP in 2004 (followed by PS3, in 2006; and PS4, in 2014).

    I still prefer PC for PVE games, for obvious reasons.

  • PvP chating is come now days. 

  • I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean — "chating is come now days"???

    Even when I replace "chating" with cheating, I still don't understand.

  • And so predictable.

  • Has anyone here actually played Tarkov?

  • First I've heard of the game