Favorite RTS game?

Hello, I'm new to the Legion community. And I want to ask: what is your favorite Real Time Strategy game? Mine is Sins of a solar empire rebellion. I'm curious to hear what yours is.

  • Myth: The Fallen Lords is my favorite. I still play it from time to time. It's one of he first RTS games that really hooked me into the genre. Currently, I'm playing Northgard.

  • Starcraft, Starcraft 2

  • Starcraft 2 is the gold standard for RTS. But for those looking for the classic, Dune 2.

  • Has anyone tried the 40,000 Warhammer: BattleSector or the Company of Heroes 3 yet?

  • My favorite of all time is Command and Conquer Kane's wrath

  • I love reinoroms.com games.

  • I've heard about the Dune games. The one I wish I could play is Emperor: battle of Dune

  • Haven't really played any of the newer RTS games but I remember having so much fun with Empire Earth at LAN parties way back