What is the most reasonably priced PC in your opinion?

Comment down below what you think. I hope to see a lot of great opinions!

  • I found that Asus brands are reasonable at time but for what I wanted there was a Lenovo that was better priced and suited for me.

  • Any time I buy a Lenovo Legion desktop, I always jump on pcpartpicker and try to select the same components with the lowest price when possible like a 4080, psu, gpu, etc. and the price comes out around $100 to $300 cheaper on pcpartpicker (again with the lowest cost components). So when I factor in that I'm not building it or dealing with warranty issues, I think they are pretty reasonable in price.

  • I go with Asus too although Lenovo makes some decently priced gaming PC's too.

  • appreciate your point of view, but I think we may have to agree to disagree on this topic.

  • Any Asus ROG on sale with i7 chip or above, for models a few months old there is always a deal with like 30-40% off.

  • I wish i knew. My lenova was taken out of my house end of november

  • My last laptop was the best deal I have gotten in long time. It was a Legion Y540 i7 intel 16GB  2060 RTX ^GB with a SSD and HDD(7200 rpm) for $1100 and this was in late 2020. Lenovo run really good flash sales on certain holidays but you always have to be on the look out. Had I not gotten a Lenovo I would have gone the Del direction.

  • I think the one you assemble yourself would be the best that fits your price point

  • I would say just keep your eyes out for sales. Occasionally you can find decent gaming laptops or pre-builts for around 50%+ off. 

  • I tend to see pretty good deals for the HP Omen desktops with an RTX 3060 sometimes. Overall, I’ve heard pretty good things about them for a prebuilt.