What games have you been excited to play, but then been disappointed by and why?

I was really excited to play Horizon Zero Dawn but I’m having a hard time warming up to it. God of War 2018 really spoiled me I think because it was really all of the things I like in a game.

This isn’t on PC, but LoZ: Breath of the Wild was also a little disappointing for me. The world felt a little bit too open, and the consumable weapons really made it feel more tedious to me.

  • Metroid: Other M. Ignoring the story and strange control scheme it the game play fell flat. A real step down from other 2D metroids. 

  • U can try zelda botw w/ mods to make it amazing or so i hear. I didnt like vampire survivors or new diablo or warzone 2 bc its not fun or plays gud idk

  • This is going back a long time, but I was excited for the release of Rogue Warrior because I was a fan of the book series, but the game was very disappointing to play.