Is the era of handheld gaming PCs upon us?

With the success of Seam Deck, new breakthroughs in battery technology resulting in batteries with increased capacity (almost double) coming out in mass production later in 2023 [1], the announcement of a whole handheld-specific Z line of CPUs from AMD [2] and ASUS Ally handheld using those CPUs releasing in just 7 days [3], it looks like handhelds are no longer limited to being low-powered low-performing ARM devices like PS Vita and Nintendo Switch, handhelds are now capable of competing with PCs of yesteryear and even laptops of today, getting only better in the future.

What is your opinion on PC handhelds? Do you think it's a fad that will quickly go away or they are here to stay? Would they replace PCs/laptops for people using those mainly gaming or will they be more of companion devices?

I'm personally eagerly awaiting when APU power efficiency and battery capacity reach the point allowing a Steam Deck-like handheld to last a 6-7 hour gaming session of a demanding title, which would hopefully happen with the next 5 years.


  • I love the idea of handheld PCs. Makes gaming on the go easier without having to sacrifice much. I think we'll continue to see the industry build upon it as long as people continue to adopt this handheld PCs. I don't think we'll see it ever replacing desktops as they can't ever match the power/cooling they offer but they're definitely amazing companion devices.

  • companion device for on the go not replace pcs, but here to stay once they get the os issue resolved.


  • Having and playing games on my steam deck for a bit, I doubt that they would replace PC/laptop. Longer play with new battery tech would be nice but the main obstacle for me is that it's display is too small compare to it's counterpart

  • I certainly hope so, handhelds are the best!

  • I think it is “nearly” upon us as the cost is still a bit high and the variety of different units is still a bit small. Also, it is still many times a secondary system to one’s desktop PC from what I’ve seen. I am interested to see where handhelds go and how good they get!

  • For the current cost, I think they are more of a niche. You can't expect the average family to afford to buy one of these for their children let alone multiple if they want each one to have one. That being said if you have the money these are a great way to game on the go, but I don't see them replacing desktops/laptops anytime soon. They just don't have the same practicality. I can't really be expected to do work on a handheld. 

  • I see how such device would really take off. I don't see it for me though. Just not how I game presently. 

  • There are some Chinese Phones that come closer that ever. (Nubia RedMagic...)    And with folding, or maybe even roll up screens; And fanless CPU's, you can have a good small portable game player!!!