favorite games with companions?

I really love games like Mass Effect that let you explore with a party or even games that let you beast master/necromancer games such as Diablo - go ahead and hit me with your favorites, I would probably like to try some!

  • For games with minions like Diablo, the first thing that comes to mind is Overlord. 

    For general companions, I would go with the Persona series specifically 3,4, and 5. 

  • Dragon Age Origins is definitely my favorite. I love that you can talk to them anywhere and roleplay certain conversations for your story. I think BG3 does it extremely well too. I also like FONV's companion system because of Boone and Cassidy they are just great.

  • I liked Knights of the Old Republic, especially if you have a strongly light side character, and a dark side character (usually the evil droid) with you. Neither end up happy about it, and you get fun dialogue.