What MMOs are you playing right now?

What MMO games are you playing right now?

We're looking for a good MMO for the Legion community to jump into together.

Let us know what MMOs we should be playing, and we might even start a new group for your favorite title!

What features do you like about your game(s) of choice?

  • World of Warcraft is the game I am currently playing but down to try anything.

  • Primarily GW2, but occasionally log into GW1, SWTOR, and LOTRO

  • despite a rocky release and some still lingering bugs; Fallout 76 has a lot of fresh content that I wouldn't mind getting into with someone.

  • I just redownloaded it too... send help

  • Honestly, I only play Hypixel Skyblock but... that's mostly because I'm too poor to actually buy any others.

  • I'm playing Final Fantasy XI these days... It's been 20 years it is up?! yaa

  • Elder Scrolls Online and Black Desert Online. Looking into buying New World once I pay off my college fees, though some friends really want me to get into Elion when it drops.