What to do with the minecraft server?!

As you may be aware, I run the Legion Gaming Community "Un/Official" Minecraft server. Due to  the issues we have had with griefing and other problems, we paused development of the world. I've been throwing around a few ideas such as creating a whitelist for the minecraft server where members must be in a discord server in order to join, or switching up the server altogether. I'm leaning more towards changing the server to be an adventure/game oriented server such as pixelmon. What would you be most interested to see? For those of you who stream, what do you think would be best for your audience?

  • Pixelmon seems cool! I'm not a big Minecraft fan but that sounds interesting Slight smile

  • I was considering using it as a platform to potentially stream/roleplay off of as I usually watch content based on that. I've never tried Pixelmon but it seems fun! I've played pokemon on and off for years and I really enjoy the games, seeing it come to life in Minecraft would be a new experience and I'd be excited to try it out

  • I am totally down for anything. Pixelmon sounds cool and I would join in. I think no matter what no one should be allowed in creative except for mods/staff. Maybe we could even do a game night where we get on Discord on Hardcore with no friendly fire or something and try to get to the end or even on normal and go to the end geared.

  • thank you for sharing. great for a new player like me

  • I downloaded it over https://techgara.com/minecraft. The game is really interesting to me

  • Oh. Really? someone told me to download it for free at here