Community Suggested Games

The most recent Legion channel point redemption and website giveaway is for a a spooky game (the first horror game Legion is giving away to my knowledge). This is just me brainstorming, but what would the community like to see in terms of different genres for future games? Maybe the community managers might see this. I like that we've had a racing game with Inertial Drift, some cool shooter games, rhythm games with Necro Bouncer, asymmetrical with Midnight Ghost Hunt back in the day, and recently V Rising. So many great games (I'm somewhat new to PC gaming) and would like to see some suggested genres (probably easier than suggesting a game right off the bat).

  • i feel you guys have done really good as far as mixing up the genres so that pretty much everyone has an option.  keep up the good work!

  • Yes !,There's more out there than I'll ever get to.

  • Platforms are pretty common and puzzle games. How about shooters, MMO or an action game? I love those genres and a lot of people would probably be excited to see them given away. 

  • The mix of genres is super nice so far. Maybe put in a fps or go with a metroidvania/soulslike game. There are many indie games with a lower budget that would benefit from some kind of partnership

  • I wonder is there are new gaming genres or emerging developers that might appreciate the chance (not that I've any clue who though)

  • I like the variety that has been given away so far, but I don't see an RPG in the list. RPGs aren't everyone's favorite and can be a timesink, but they're one of my favorite genres. 

  •  Metroidvanias and Roguevanias are two of my favorites. I'd love to see some for upcoming giveaways. 

  • There has been a good variety, but I don't think there have been any rhythm or tower defense games yet. 

  • A Metroidvania would great to see in an upcoming giveaway.

  • The right people are aware of this post so keep your comments coming Yum I've also noticed the well-roundedness of the games being offered and would love to help push along your suggestions