What is the best gaming platform?

I have two platforms: PC and PlayStation. I often have to choose a platform for gaming. I have big games collection on both devices. Which gaming platform do you prefer?  

  • I prefer to play on console if the game is available in multiple flavors, but have to admit some games are just better-played and fully realized on a PC. Sometimes it just depends on how I'm feeling at the moment - I can play an FPS with M+K setup, or with a standard gamepad setup - but sometimes I just prefer one over the other.

  • I have to say PC, because even when you buy a new PC you can always play your old games, they are always compatible, and you can also play your console games on Emulators, You can choose to play whit keyboard and mouse or with controller or you can make it your own. Everything can be compatible with a windows PC, you can NOT say that with anything else.

  • PS5 in my opinion.

  • PC takes the first spot -- you get all the benefits of GamePass, Steam sales, free Epic games, and all this at way better specs than a console can offer. 

    Xbox Series X is the obvious choice for consoles based on pure console power and GamePass. 

  • Matter of preference I'd say. Each has it's pros and cons and it's up to the player/consumer which they are most important to them.

  • PC for sure. Although I hope Mac one day is up there too. Sadge

  • PC. It has the most backward compatibility with older games, can play most new AAA games, and at the end of the day, you still have a PC to do everything else you need.

  • I'll throw in my vote to also be PC. Consoles are generally very limited in what can be played on them. I also like the precision that comes with a mouse and keyboard vs a game controller.

  • My vote would go to PC. Some people complain about having to download multiple launchers, but you have access to more sales, have more games that are given away for free, and have a wider variety of games to pick from.

  • I have always been a PC gamer. I have played on multiple versions of both Playstation and Xbox and just find the experience to be so much better on PC.